Contelmall Green Farms is a multi-specie non-ruminant farm for, rabbits, quail, goat and grass-cutters. We are also at the forefront of supplying high quality breeding stock to farmers across the country.



Most of the goats in Ghana are used for meat and milk production.. Goats are kept in areas where the environmental conditions make it more or less impossible to keep other domestic animals. Red meat business is currently under exploited in the country despite the vast opportunities that exists both locally and internationally.

At Contelmall Green Farms we have selected breeds raised for meat and milk. We employ good management skills, good husbandry and selection practices that make us increase our meat and milk output from these animals


The rabbit unit has a very large doe capacity. We have different meat strains of rabbits which we maintains, improves, multiplies and supplies to established as well as new rabbit farms and consumers.


We operate modern farm & folder bank to facilitate our one stop special hand-on practical grasscutter breeding & farming.
There is huge demand of grasscutter meat in world market and in Ghana; this makes production of grasscutter very viable business venture.


  1. To develop, improve and supply meat breeds of livestock to consumers.
  2. To domesticate, multiply, breed and improve grass-cutters.
  3. To train livestock farmers and students and provide technical support in improved and innovative livestock husbandry.